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The banner image doesn't appear full, should adjust accordingly, now it gets cropped.
Example : Thank You templates for - Co-workers, Boss, friends, Organisation
Facility for a company/organisation to onboard in WTY. Allow to add their banner, facility to invite to their employee, creating a virtual group of that company. Later, creating a WTY page for each org to see their stats, people etc..
Instead of like and/or love can we have some different feeling in WTY platform like
Applaud, Salute, Hat's off, Bow Down etc..
Good to see - # of viewed, # of comment, # of people joined, # of shared, # of like/love etc..
As an User I would love to the share a thanks post across all social channels, blog sites, etc.. Today It only allows us to share in FB only. Instead if we get a short url/link directly, I can easily and quickly post in whatsapp, instagram, twitter etc..
As an user, I would like to post any good deed where I am not directly involved (as form of link sharing, screenshot) and tag/share to people who are in the cause or may be to nobody if i dont know their name/number/FB/twitter account details. This way the WTY platform can be used as a database of g [...] See More
As an User I would love to use # and @ frequently in my thanks message and comments.
As an user I would like to mark any post which I can see in my explore page as my favourite. I might not be involved in that good deed, but i would love to get notification, updates about that post.
App should allow to insert emoji's in thanks messages and comments ..
Push notification - if somebody received a thanks message, join a message, posted a comment, friend request etc..
Good to have the profile picture of user
It is very confusing and not good end user experience. Can we make it to one "Provide your thanks message with your story" and allow them to enter multiple media upload.
While posting thanks message I dont see any date of the event occurred. Sometimes we are little late to say thanks of something which happened in the past. Nice to have a optional field to enter Actual Event/Deed Date. So that system can remind us periodically.
Sometimes we have multiple photos with audio and/or video files. Nice to have caption for each media as well.